Print & Broadcast Media


Beckerman, Gal:  When They Come For Us, We’ll Be Gone:  The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry (Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt: January 2010)

Cohen, Pamela Braun Hidden Heroes:  One Woman's Story of Resistance and Rescue in the Soviet Union (Gefen Publishing House: July 2021)

Cooper, John: The British Campaign for Soviet Jewry, 1966-1991 (i2i Publishing, 2023)

Eisen, Wendy: Count Us In: The Struggle to Free Soviet Jews, A Canadian Perspective (Burgher Books, Toronto, 1995)

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Schroeter, Leonard: The Last Exodus (Universe Books: 1974)

Spiegel, Philip: Triumph, over Tyranny; The Heroic Campaigns That Saved 2,000,000 million Soviet Jews (Philip Spiegel: October, 2008)

Weiss AviOpen Up the Iron Door: Memoirs of a Soviet Jewry Activist (The Toby Press, 2015)

Chapters and Articles

Aronson, Robert & Grossman, Daniel: “The Enduring Legacy of the Soviet Jewry Movement”  in The Times of Israel:  January 4, 2023. GO TO ARTICLE

Beckerman, Gal: "The Soviet Jewry Movement in America: The Fight to Liberate the USSR's Jews Strengthened and United the American Jewish Community," on My Jewish Learning Website, Modern Jewish History

Rosenblatt, Gary: "American Jews Forgot To Tell Their Children" in New York Jewish Week:  June 12, 2019.  GO TO ARTICLE

Greenger, Nurit: “There was Hope, Fate, Future – 35’s-Women’s Campaign for Soviet Jewry Reunion” in The Jerusalem Post: February 6, 2018)  GO TO ARTICLE.

Guthmann, Edward: “How Local Heroes Helped Soviet Jews” in San Francisco Chronicle: April 9, 2008. GO TO ARTICLE

Kelner, Shaul: "People-to-People: Cleveland’s Jewish Community and the Exodus of Soviet Jews"  in Cleveland Jews and the Making of a Midwestern Community, Sean Martin & John J. Grabowski, editors (Rutgers University Press, 2020) pp 203-222. GO TO ARTICLE

Kelner, Shaul: "Foreign Tourists, Domestic Encounters: Human Rights Travel to Soviet Jewish Homes," In Sune Bechmann Pedersen and Christian Noack, eds. Tourism and Travel during the Cold War: Negotiating Tourist Experiences across the Iron Curtain, (Routledge, London: 2020). GO TO ARTICLE

Kelner, Shaul: "The American Soviet Jewry’s Movement Uneventful 1968: Cold War Liberalism, Human Interest, and the Politics of the Long Haul" in American Jewish History, Volume 102, Number 1, January 2018 (Johns Hopkins University Press) pp. 5-35. GO TO ARTICLE

Kelner, Shaul: “Ritualized Protest and Redemptive Politics: Cultural Consequences of the American Mobilization to Free Soviet Jewry” in Jewish Social Studies, Vol. 14, No. 3, New Series (Indiana University Press: Spring/Summer 2008) pp. 1-37. GO TO ARTICLE

Light, Harold B. - Special Report:  "Let My People Go" in Christian Life Report: May 1974.  GO TO ARTICLE

Orbach, William: ”The British Soviet Jewry Movement” in Forum: On the Jewish People, Zionism, and Israel:  January 1, 1978.  GO TO ARTICLE

Peretz, Pauline: "Grassroots Political Mobilization in the United States in the 1960s: The Example of Assistance to Soviet Jewish Immigrants" in Matériaux pour l’histoire de Notre Temps. Volume 87, Issue 3, 2007, pages 70 to 76. Link to abstract in English. GO TO ENGLISH ARTICLE

Ravitz, Jessica: “Defying the KGB: How a Forgotten Movement Freed a People”, CNN: December 30, 2012.  GO TO ARTICLE

Rosenblum, Louis:  "Involvement with the Soviet Jewry Movement," in Remembering Cleveland’s Jewish Voices, Sally Wertheim & Alan B. Bennett, editors, (Jewish Federation of Cleveland, 2011), pp. 263-280. GO TO BOOK.

Film, Boadcast Media

Before Our Eyes. Produced by Lou Rosenblum. Featuring Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Dorothy Silver. (1969). LINK TO FILM

Hear the Cry. Produced and directed by Michael H. Rand. Featuring Herb Caron, Dan Litt, and Lou Rosenblum. Rienzi Productions, Ltd. (1998). NEED LINK

Jacob Birnbaum. Produced by Russian American Jewish Experience. (2014). LINK TO FILM

Operation WeddingProduced by Anat Zalmanson-Kuznetov., (2016). LINK TO TRAILER

The Price of Silence. Produced by Himan Brown, Narrated by Edward G. Robinson (Jewish Chautauqua Society, 1964) Collection of Western Reserve Historical Society.

Refusenik. Produced by Laura Bialis. (2007). LINK TO TRAILER

“Soviet Jewelry,” on Saturday Night Live. Gilda Radner and Chevy Chase, Season 1, Episode 11, NBC, January 24, 1976. LINK TO CLIP

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