A new book, documenting the grassroots Soviet Jewry
movement in the U.S., is due for publication April 2024. 

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SJMAP'S inaugural webinar took place March 31, 2024.   Click here to go to the recording download page.

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  • The creation of a virtual hub connecting the archival records of the grassroots Soviet Jewry Movement in North America. 
  • The engagement of scholars, researchers, educators, and the public, while and after the above is achieved, to utilize this vast and valuable interconnected archive.
  • The integration of material into educational platforms and curricula to encourage its use and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Soviet Jewry Movement Archives Project was formed to preserve and share the history of the grassroots Soviet Jewry Movement in North America. SJMAP's founders are former leaders in the movement and Jewish organizational veterans.

SJMAP is a virtual hub available to everyone through our website. SJMAP itself has no physical structure, rather all of the historical records are located in archives, historical centers, and universities and are connected for your use at sovietjewryarchives.org.

The Soviet Jewry Archives Project is incorporated and is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

All monetary donations will be receipted for tax purposes.